Commonwealth Oil has a Research and Development Lab in house, where our 3 chemists are continuously working to improve our products and create new ones.

The chemists decided to test our Tube Mill Coolants, TMC 2050 and TMC 2065, for rust and corrosion inhibitors. They coated steel panels with the products and put them in the humidity cabinet for 13 days. The humidity cabinet exposes the panels to extreme temperatures, testing the products for rust protection. The panels, which were coated with TMC 2050 and TMC 2065 had very little sign of rust after the 13 days!

This is a picture I snapped on the 13th day before the panels got taken out of the humidity cabinet. These Tube Mill Coolants do not only have excellent tramp rejection, and low foaming characteristics, they also have outstanding rust protection!

TMC 2065 is featured in the New Product Preview at the FabTech Expo. Click here to see all the new products, you can find TMC 2065 on page 22!

FabTech Expo runs from November 2-4, 2010 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find Commonwealth Oil in the Tube and Pipe Area, in Hall B at Booth #3465!! We still have free tickets to give away, e-mail to request your complimentary tickets today!