Business Manager- Maxine Watters, Sales Manager- Dave Foster and I attended a powerful and motivational guest speaker earlier this morning. Michael Jeffreys has been a professional speaker for over 20 years and focusses on goal setting and achievement using power of the mind.

The power of positive attraction is not a new strategy, however, it is good to be reminded that what we envison happening is what we’ll end up attracting. Michael Jeffreys spoke in a very impressive way, that made everyone in the room truly believe that every single one of us are human magnets, and we have the power to get everything we want.

Michael Jeffreys is the founder of the Yes! Network which features an array of guest speakers to help better your life and your careers. This event was part of Commonwealth Oil’s commitment to continuous learning, and bringing the best information and attitudes to our customers. For more information on Michael Jeffreys or the Yes! Network, visit