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Industry Leaders in the World of EDM Fluids


Did you know Commonwealth Oil manufactures the #1 Selling Di-Electric Fluids in North America?    

Commonwealth Oil’s EDM-244 was formulated after year’s of in-depth studies into the molecular chemistry of EDM Fluid. In older fluid technology, the operators were exposed to hazards, such as low flashpoints and carcinogenic fumes that cause cancer of the scrotum. Commonwealth Oil raised the bar for fluid performance, as well as for health & safety standards by achieving NSF Registered and Readily Biodegradable EDM Fluids.

Currently, Commonwealth Oil’s EDM Fluids are being used throughout the world in medical, automotive, aerospace fields and nuclear applications. EDM-244 has a long list of accomplishments, other than being NSF Registered and Readily Biodegradable, it is also Transor Approved, Nuclear Approved and ONA Filtration Systems Approved. Operators will be amazed at the incredibly long fluid life. We have some fluids in the field for over 20 years of continuous duty, without any problems. The low odour level and high flashpoint make for a safer fluid and you will not be dissappointed.

Other popular EDM Fluids from Commonwealth Oil are EuroSupreme and EDM Super Supreme . Both products are long-life, high quality fluids. EuroSupreme is an excellent product for operators with sensitive skin and EDM Super Supreme is excellent when your customers want long-term predictability when calculating machining times.

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Commonwealth Oil and EDM Fluids


    Fred Herdman, President of Commonwealth Oil is known worldwide for his contribution to the field of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). He has created a line of EDM Fluids which have been known to last in the field for over 20 years. Oftentimes, we receive questions concerning when our EDM Fluids expire the answer is not until after many years of heavy duty work is done.

     Commonwealth Oil’s EDM Fluids are stable formulas that have been built to last if kept dry and well filtered. They have a low evaporation rate, low acid number, no interference from dyes and have a high degree of gasket and hose compatibility. They truly are the ultimate EDM Fluids.

     Our EDM Fluids are given an Oxidation Stability Test. Lower quality EDM Fluids will oxidize more quickly, causing increases in production times. Our fluids can withstand higher temperatures, for longer periods of time, and are not affected by copper. Competitive tests have shown Commonwealth Oil EDM Fluids are the best for your health, your tanks, and your safety (high flashpoint).

     Another two advantages of Commonwealth Oil’s EDM Fluids is they are Food Grade Registered for incidental food contact (NSF H1) and they are biodegradable.  Our most popular EDM Fluid is EDM244 which is also nuclear approved.

     It is important to let the end-user know that maintenance is required with Di-electric Fluid. The customers must have a good filtration system that helps to remove water from their tank. Water devastates EDM Fluid and increases your burn time. By following these simple steps, the end-user will enjoy an incredible, long-lasting, EDM Fluid.

   Popular EDM Fluids from Commonwealth Oil include EDM244, EuroSupreme and EDM SuperSupreme.

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A New Standard for Qualifying EDM Fluids

Commonwealth Oil has qualified its three most popular dielectric fluids with NSF International. The fluids that are now registered with the NSF are EDM-244, EuroSupreme and EDM Super Supreme. NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Company™, providing public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers around the world. Anyone from a Plant Manager to a home owner should be aware of the NSF and how it affects our lives on a daily basis.

We believe that we are now the only company in the world that has NSF Registered EDM Fluids to the H1 and HT1 Standards commonly seen by processors of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and meat processors. For our fluids to become registered it required that each finished formula and the components were fully audited by the Toxicology and Quality Control Staff of the NSF. All Tech Data or MSDS sheets for these products will now carry the NSF logo and our registration standard on the upper right corner. We have always been very adamant about the purity, quality and safety of our edm fluids and now having our NSF H1 and HT1 Registration is living proof of those qualities.

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EDM 244: Investment Grade Di-Electric Fluid

By Fred Herdman

EDM-244 is the most popular EDM fluid in the Western Hemisphere. Our distributors have had more success with this fluid than any other fluid they have ever sold at anytime.

When comparing EDM-244 with any synthetic dielectric fluids sold in North America, EDM-244 looks identical or in most cases superior. We regularly test used samples coming into our laboratory that are 8-10 years old and in over 90% of the cases they are confirmed to be fit for many more years of rigorous use.

EDM-244 is compatible with every known filtration system, it can take excessive heat year after year, and it will reject water by dropping it to the bottom or your tank. We tell our customers that to really increase the life of your dielectric fluid, only machine with graphite electrodes.

EDM-244 is the ideal fluid to sell because you know it will work in any application and it will pay for itself in reduced evaporation rates and longevity.

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