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May 19th Seminar & Trade Show in Pictures

Our Seminar & Trade Show on May 19th was a success! We had distributors from all over the Greater Toronto Area and even our wonderful distributor in Québec join us. We would like to thank all those who attended from SB Simpson, DeeTag, Majac Tooling Supply, Monarch Oil, WFS Ltd., Les Spécialités L.E.N., Levac Supply, Caliber Industrial and Electrodes of Canada.

Left to Right: Ken Charlton (Electrodes of Canada), Peter Omran (WFS Ltd.), Fred Herdman (Commonwealth Oil), Rick & Roza Balon (Electrodes of Canada).

Me with the Levac Supply Crew- Left to Right: Eric Ripley, Brian VanOrder, Brian Hulton and John Knapp.

Jeff Schmid from Zebra Skimmers was also on-site, displaying some coolant maintenance supplies. To contact Jeff, call 248-890-5625.

Fred giving a presentation on EDM Fluids. Contact us to receive any powerpoints from that day.

Left to Right: Brian Lowe (Lab Technician, Commonwealth Oil) & Dan McBride and Vickie Stevenson from SB Simpson.

Left to Right: Dave Foster (Commonwealth Oil), Tom Bendo from SB Simpson, Éric Bouchard & Richard Massé from Les Spécialités L.E.N., and Kevin Medeiros from SB Simpson.

Thank you to Richard Hunt and Dave Croft from Majac Tooling for attending.

Here is Brian Lowe speaking with Jerzy Spiewak from SB Simpson.

Thank you again to all who attended. We hope you will take the knowledge you learned and use it in the field. We also hope you will remember to call Dave WHENEVER you have any questions.

The Power of Positive Attraction


Business Manager- Maxine Watters, Sales Manager- Dave Foster and I attended a powerful and motivational guest speaker earlier this morning. Michael Jeffreys has been a professional speaker for over 20 years and focusses on goal setting and achievement using power of the mind.

The power of positive attraction is not a new strategy, however, it is good to be reminded that what we envison happening is what we’ll end up attracting. Michael Jeffreys spoke in a very impressive way, that made everyone in the room truly believe that every single one of us are human magnets, and we have the power to get everything we want.

Michael Jeffreys is the founder of the Yes! Network which features an array of guest speakers to help better your life and your careers. This event was part of Commonwealth Oil’s commitment to continuous learning, and bringing the best information and attitudes to our customers. For more information on Michael Jeffreys or the Yes! Network, visit

Distributor Training, February 10, 2011


Commonwealth Oil hosted a Distributor Training Session for WFS Ltd. Leamington & Windsor, Caliber Industrial and Commercial Oil last week. Sales Representatives spent the day with Dave Foster learning the basics of Metalworking Fluids and all about Commonwealth Oil brands. We’d like to Congratulate all those who attended for a successful and informative session and encourage all Distributors to consider having a training session in the near future. Not only do your Sales Representatives learn a lot about the industry, they also become more familiar with Commonwealth Oil and their products, making Distributors more comfortable supporting our brands. Here’s a few snapshots:

Kevin Bourque from Caliber Industrial in Mississauga, Ontario and Alan Lerch from Commercial Oil in Hamilton, Ontario are being trained by Lab Manager, Michele Breault.

The distributors are learning about the importance of coolant maintenance and learning how to perform basic testing, that can be done right on the plant floor!

Mike Pryce and Kevin Bourque from Caliber Industrial look through the refractometer, which measures coolant concentration. To learn more about refractometers, click here.

Congratulations again to all the Distributors who attended and completed the Commonwealth Oil Metalworking Fluid Seminar (& passed their test!). If you would like to schedule a training session with Dave Foster, please e-mail him at

On the Road With Dave


On The Road With DaveSales Manager, Dave Foster is enjoying the sunshine at Omnitool‘s BBQ and Open House today. Omnitool is a Commonwealth Oil Distributor, located in Cambridge, Ontario. They serve the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Food and Oil industries.

Dave has been touring for the past few weeks. Last week he was invited to the Open House at EIJ (Équipements Industriels Joliette)- Vous était très gentil de lui accueillir- and from there he went to IMTS in Chicago.

Dave’s next stop will be Sunny Corner, a Commonwealth Oil Distributor located in Miramichi, New Brunswick! Dave will be holding a training seminar, where he will educate our new distributors on Commonwealth Oil products, distribute useful information and the necessary tools to become a resource to the end-user.

Look for Dave, coming to a city near you….

Can Star Industrial

Welcome Can Star Industrial

By Dave Foster

Can Star Industrial has been in business since 1999 primarily servicing the oil & gas industry in Edmonton, Alberta. Can Star is owned and operated by Mark Edwards who cut his teeth working for other industrial distributors in the area selling cutting tools and equipment. Mark has taken Can Star in the direction of being a specialized industrial distributor, carefully adding quality lines of tooling, machine tools and coolant that has helped grow his business steadily over the years. Commonwealth Oil would like to thank Can Star and Mark Edwards for his loyalty to our brand and look forward to growing the relationship further.


How to Use a Refractometer

By Dave Foster
The hand held refractometer is commonly used to check coolant concentration, based upon the refractive index of the coolant solution. The most important thing to remember when using a refractometer is that they read on a Brix scale not actual percentages. To get actual percent of the coolant concentration you must multiply the refractometer reading by the coolants refractive index multiplier which can be found on the tech data sheets. For example, CommCool XP has a refractive index of 1.60, and you currently see 5 on your refractometer, the coolant concentration would be 1.6 x 5 = 8%, slightly on the high side.


• Calibrate your refractometer each time you use it  by placing a drop of shop water onto the prism and lower the cover plate. It should read zero. If not, adjust the set screw.
• After wiping the prism clean, place a few drops of coolant onto the prism. Try to take the coolant from the coolant nozzle and not from the coolant sump. Close the cover and read.
• Refer to coolant specifications for correct reading.
• Keep in mind that tramp oil will blur the line on the refractometer.
• Remember that this is an optical instrument and should not be dropped or handled roughly

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