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Michele’s 51st Birthday!


Michele Breault turns 51 today!Happy Birthday Michele!

To wish Michele a wonderful day, and send her wishes for the year to come, you can e-mail her at:


Good Luck/Congratulations to Brian Lowe!


Technical Sales Representative Brian Lowe completed the Detroit Free Press Marathon today! We will have pictures and the total amount he raised for the Hospice of Windsor/Essex County shortly. To read Brian’s story, click here.

To congratulate Brian, you can e-mail him at

Sleep for Success


In an article entitled ‘Do Better in Your Waking Hours by Sleeping Better’, author John McKee argues that in order to be successful at your job you need to have quality sleep. “When you are sleep deprived, you become more emotional, more irritable, and less clear-headed.”
Clearly, sleep is important for your mood, but a study by the APA found that more than 60% of us have sleep problems, and 40% of adults experience daytime sleepiness. Though there is no standard for how many hours of sleep you should get a night, it’s important that the hours you do lend toward sleeping, are the best possible. John offers some tips for getting a good nights rest:yawning

1. De-stress before you go to bed. Take 30 minutes before bedtime to think of all the things you need to do tomorrow, and everything that happened throughout the day, so you’re not thinking about it once you’re in bed.

2. Don’t sleep with a LED alarm clock next to your bed. You get in the habit of looking at the time when you wake up in the night, which causes you to think in your sleep. Also, the light prevents you from  having a dark room.

3. Caffeine at noon can still be in your system at midnight. Make sure you’re not over-indulging on caffeine products.

4. TV has no place in the bedroom, it may help you fall asleep but it can also disrupt your sleep.

5. Walk around. If you’re in bed and you can’t fall asleep, or you’ve woken up and can’t go back to sleep- get out of the environment, walk around and then come back and start over.

Click here to read the complete article.

Commonwealth Oil Welcomes 2 New Employees


The Commonwealth Oil team is growing. We’re pleased to introduce to you 2 new employees: Richard Piehler & Jeffrey Larsh.

Richard Piehler joins us with an abundance of experience in Sales and has an incredible knack for identifying customers needs and seeking out and securing new business. Previously, Richard was the National Account Manager at large Canadian company. From Windsor, Ontario, Richard will be predominantly focusing on our distributors in Eastern Ontario. To contact Richard, you can e-mail him at

Jeffrey Larsh is the newest member to join our in-house laboratory. As a Quality Control Technician, Jeffrey is responsible for Research & Development as well as testing all of our incoming and outgoing products. Jeffrey has experience as a Quality Inspector and achieved a Chemical Laboratory Technology diploma from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario. To contact Jeffrey, you can e-mail him at

We are so happy to welcome both coworkers to the Commonwealth Oil team!

4th Annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Golf Benefit


Commonwealth Oil was so pleased to sponsor a table and a team at this year’s 4th Annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Golf Benefit, which was rescheduled due to rain for this past week. For the second year in a row, Quality Control Technician, Kevin Bryon and his wife Jan hit the course to compete. Here’s some photos from this wonderful event:

Here is Commonwealth Oil’s very own Kevin Bryon (Right) with Tom Connelly, the Director of Sales for Ewie Co., Inc.  who was also the spokesperson for the event and was named “Volunteer of the Year” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Here is Team Commonwealth Oil, also known as the Fearsome Foursome! From Left to Right: Don H. Snider (Kevin’s Golf Associate from Kingsville Golf & Country Club), Mrs. Janice Bryon, Kevin Bryon (Quality Control Technician, Commonwealth Oil) and Kevin Schmidt, Commonwealth Oil’s sales rep from Nexeo Solutions.

The 4th Annual Golf Benefit proved to be a success, here is Tom Connelly with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society spokespersons, receiving a cheque for a record $60,247.00!

We’d like to thank Tom Connelly for allowing us to take place in such a wonderful event and hope that there are many more years of the benefit to come!

Michele & Braedan Part II


More pictures have surfaced from Michele & Braedan in Disney World– they have been there all week and had the best time ever.

Michele & Braedan in Disney World!


Michele & Braedan have arrived safely in Florida with Michele’s niece Kristine! THey are really having a blast, Michele said Braedan has not stopped smiling since the plane took off. Here are the first few pictures:

We have to thank everyone who donated again! This is truly the trip of a lifetime for Braedan and Michele. Michele is so happy Braedan will always have these memories of his first trip to Disney World with his mom!

Tradeshow in Peru


Our wonderful distributor in Peru, Synthec Solutions featured Commonwealth Oil’s Metalworking Fluids at a Tradeshow in Peru earlier this month. Gerante General, Bruno Maldonado sent us pictures from the event, here they are:

Thanks to Bruno for sending us these photos! If you have any photos you’d like to share with Commonwealth Oil, please e-mail

12.5 Ways to Make the Prospect Confident Enough to Buy


In the Sales Bible, written by Jeffrey Gitomer (2003), he outlines 12.5 things you can do to make the prospect more confident to buy from you, here are my picks:

“1. Be completely prepared: a fumbling, excuse-making, apologizing salesperson builds zero confidence.”- If you do not have any confidence in yourself, and what you’re saying/selling, you can pretty much guarantee the prospect won’t either. It is important to make sure you have your ‘elevator speech’ ready, and know the products. Not everything is based on knowledge, it’s also how you handle things when you don’t know the answer- be confident and assure them you will find out the answer as soon as possible, and actually follow-through on your promises.

“2. Involve prospects early in the presentation. Get them to help you hold your samples. Something that makes them feel like they’re on your team.” The prospect is your best ally, they have been put in charge of meeting you and making the decision to accept your product, or not. But making them feel like they are a part of the process, you begin to build rapport. Ask them what they think would work best, what they’ve tried in the past, what they think. Not only is this valuable information for you, but it also shows them that you are willing to work with them to find a solution, and you’re not just trying to make a commission.

“3. Have something in writing. An article about your company or product from a national news source will reek of credibility.” Commonwealth Oil has many articles in our archive, including an article on our EDM Fluid. If ever you want to keep them on hand, please e-mail me ( and I will send you information, from 3rd party sources on our products.

“”4. Tell a story of how you helped another customer. That creates a similar situation that the prospect can relate to.” In coolant sales, receiving support after the sale is one of the biggest value-added services our distributors can do. They are the liasion between our lab and the end-user. By sharing stories of how you have helped your customers through a hard time, or gotten to the bottom of a problem they’ve had, will show that you are committed even after the sale is complete. This builds your credibility, along with that of the customer.

“5. Use a referral source if possible. ‘Mr. Prospect, you should call [name of company and contact name] to find out how we helped them.” Telling stories is one thing, but being able to back it up and have others confirm the story and the value-added service you provided is another. Having references to call upon is important, and this could really give the prospect the push they need to write the purchase order.

“6. Drop names of larger customers or the buyer’s competitors. If you are doing business with a large firm, state it in a way that shows strength and competence rather than sounding like you’re bragging.” This is a tough one and I suggest only doing it when the moment feels right. Nobody wants you to throw their competitors in their face, but they probably do like to know that you service other comparable companies and they are pleased with what you offer.

“7. Have a notebook of testimonial letters. Try to get letters that cover various aspects of your business: quality, delivery, competence, service and extra effort. Be sure some of your letters answer the buyer’s objections.” Commonwealth Oil has collected many reference letters both for end-users and for potential distributors. If ever you need any reference letters for our products, please e-mail me ( and I will send you one that is applicable, or even get one that you may need. It is also appropriate to have your customers write something on their company letterhead.

“8. Emphasize service after the sale. The buyer needs to be certain you won’t sell and run. Talk delivery, training, and service.” This is especially true with coolant sales. Because there is maintenance and training required, customer’s need to know the services you will provide, and know that you are always just a phone call away. We have tons of tools to promote coolant maintenance that i would be happy to send you for your customers, as a value-added benefit.

Price is not a credibility factor- put the focus on your personal experience, desire to do a great job, and ask for a small test order to get your foot in the door. Let the product speak for itself. “Being the least expensive won’t get you anywhere if the prospect has no confidence to buy. Many times low price actually scares the buyer.”

13 Things to Say When Someone Says ‘It Costs Too Much’

  1. …when you say it costs too much, what do you mean?”
  2. …What has been your past experience with solutions like ours?”
  3. …how do you know that it costs too much?”
  4. …what do you know about us or our industry?”
  5. …what has been your past experience with companies like ours?”
  6. …what are some of your priorities around _________?”
  7. …what if our solutions weren’t really expensive at all?”
  8. …what if it turned out that we didn’t really cost as much as you thought?”
  9. …what if really could solve the problem of __________?”
  10. …what if we really could generate a measurable business value?”
  11. …what if we could help you create a competitive advantage?”
  12. …what if we could show you how our solution would actually save money?”
  13. …how do you plan you handle this problem or opportunity without our offering?”

What do you say when someone says ‘it costs too much’? Offer your suggestions in the comment section!

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