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IDI Conference; Vancouver, BC



Technical Sales Representatives from Commonwealth Oil, Brian Lowe and Alan Lerch attended the IDI Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia last month, along with Bill Pearcy, VP of Marketing & Sales at Wallover Oil.

Commonwealth Oil got to meet with distributors in our IDI network. IDI, Independent Distributors Inc., is a network of Canadian distributors specializing in Industrial Supplies, Bearing and Power Transmission products, Safety Supplies, Fluid Power products, and Janitorial Supplies. To learn more about IDI, click here.

Thank you to all who met with us at the show, and once again, thank you for planning a wonderful week to all the IDI organizers!

Happy Birthday Maxine!


Maxine Watters is celebrating her birthday today!

To wish Maxine a Happy Birthday, you can e-mail her at


Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Family Day!


Today is Family Day in Ontario, a new recognized Holiday. Commonwealth Oil will be closed, and re-open tomorrow, February 21, for regular business. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Happy Family Day to all, take a moment and appreciate them today!

Our New Logo


Here is Commonwealth Oil’s new logo, as most of you have heard- Commonwealth Oil is now owned by Wallover Company. For more information on Wallover, please visit their website by clicking here.

We are so excited to welcome the Wallover family to the Commonwealth Oil family and welcome any questions you have about how this may affect your relationship with us (there are no plans to change anything).

If you have any questions, please contact Maxine Watters,


How to Make a Cold-Call: Step by Step Guide


Here’s a step-by-step guide as told by Geoffrey James, Sales Machine.

1. Introduce yourself. When you get through to a prospect, say:

You: Hello [prospect's first name], this is [your name] from [your company] …

2. Obtain permission to continue. Without waiting for the prospect to respond, immediately ask the following question:

You: … Have I caught you in the middle of something?

So, the whole opener should sound like: “Hello, Jim, I’m John Doe from Acme. Have I caught you in the middle of something?” Exactly like that.

In most cases, the prospect will respond one of three ways:

  • “It’s always a bad time, but what’s this all about?”
  • “No, this is not a bad time. What can I do for you?”
  • “I’m in the middle of something. Call me later this afternoon.”

If you get the third response, go to Step 3.

Otherwise, skip Step 3 and proceed directly to Step 4.

3. Reschedule the conversation. If you get that last response, say:

You: Thanks, I’ll call you then.

Make a note in your calendar to call again at that time. Call back at the time that you committed to do so. If your prospect answers the phone, proceed to Step 4.

However, if when you call back, you land in voicemail, leave this message:

You: Joe, you asked that I call you around this time, but it looks like you’re out. Call me at XYZ number, but if I don’t hear back from you by this Friday, I’ll call you on Tuesday.

Then call back when you said you would. When you get finally through, proceed to Step 4.

4. Continue the conversation. If in Step 2 you got one of the first two responses, say:

You: I know I’m calling you out of the blue, but sometimes if I don’t know anyone at the company I’m calling, this is the only way to develop a relationship. All I want to do right now is quickly introduce myself, my firm, and my offering.

As I mentioned, I’m with [your company] and we help companies [what your company does] and I was wondering how to best position myself to determine if our product may be a fit for you?

Most of the time, the prospect will either continue the conversation or point you at somebody who is more appropriate. In either case, you’ve successfully made the cold call and are moving the sale forward. Congratulations!

Your next step, of course, is to qualify the lead to confirm whether or not this is a real opportunity.

Notice about Michele


To our valued Friends,

It is with sadness that we inform you that our Lab Manager, Michele Breault passed away on Saturday, January 7, after a 2 year battle with cancer. We wanted to let you know, as many of you have had a direct relationship with her and continued to ask about her throughout the two past years.

Michele started at Commonwealth Oil in 2003, and since then has become a dear friend to myself and the rest of the staff, distributors and suppliers. Michele will always be remembered as a brilliant chemist and the ultimate friend who maintained real integrity in everything she did.

Having traveled and lived throughout the US, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Middle East and Puerto Rico, Michele was truly a remarkable woman. Among her accomplishments was raising her son Braedan as a single-mother and making a home for them in Windsor, Ontario surrounded by her tight knit family.

Michele will always be remembered as a person of contradictions. She was bull headed. She would fight with anyone (even me!) when she thought she was right, yet completely dedicated, always doing what was best for the company, even coming to work after her many chemo appointments. She was blunt, calling a spade a spade, yet incredibly sweet, shedding a tear if you told her a sad story. Even at the end Michele cried when she learned a young child had died in the same hospital room as her. She faced her illness with the same courage and determination as she lived her life. She would not ask for help and had a hard time accepting it when it was given.

We had asked, this past summer, that you help us send Michele & Braedan to Disneyland, and we were completely over-whelmed with the response we received. Braedan will always be able to cherish the memory of his first trip to Disneyland with his mother and none of us will ever be able to forget her face the day before she left. She was glowing! Thank you again for your generosity.

It has not be easy saying goodbye to Michele, she has been a big part of my life for the past eight and a half years; I can truly call her family. To view Michele’s obituary, please click here.

We appreciate your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time and welcome any memories you’d like to share about Michele. Neither you or I will meet many in your lifetime quite like her. I will always remember Michele with a smile or a funny story about her versus sadness. We are so blessed that she was such a big part of our lives.


Sincerest regards,

Fred Herdman

Giving Back- Maxine’s Secret Santa Project


Business Manager, Maxine Watters and her sister Janet are continuing their 9 year tradition and holding the Secret Santa Program to help children in Kingsville, Harrow and Amherstburg have their Christmas Wishes come true.

Children in need are found by asking local food banks, schools and churches. On Christmas, Maxine and her husband John dress up as Mr. & Mrs. Claus to bring necessities, such as clothes, coats, boots and grocery gift cards to the children’s houses, along with a special gift, something personal that only Santa would know they asked for.

Last year, Maxine and her sister were able to raise enough money to help 31 families with 76 children! What they do is truly remarkable, and they couldn’t do it without your help.

To find out how you can help us help others, contact Maxine Watters by e-mail, or by phone 519-738-3503, or toll free 800-265-3689.

Here is a thank you from the Secret Santa team as posted in the Amherstburg Echo earlier this week:


IMPORTANT: Closed November 30th for Incoming/Outgoing Shipments


Please note Commonwealth Oil will be closed for incoming/outgoing shipments on November 30, 2011 for inventory purposes. For any inquiries, please contact Commonwealth Oil headquarters (; 519.738.3503; 800.265.3689).


Thank you.

Interview with a Sales Machine


Sales is sales. When it comes to selling Metalworking fluids and Lubricants, you need to be knowledgeable, you need to get back to people when you say you will and you need to be honest. Jeffrey Gitomer is a sales machine. Here is excerpts from an interview done with him in which he addresses how to sell more and get your customers to love you. For the complete article, click here.

You’ve often said, “People don’t like to buy, but they like to be sold.” What do you mean by that?

Gitomer: If you go into a car dealership, you do not want to be sold. You want to buy whatever the brand of the car is, but the car sales people don’t quite get that. They try to push you into something they’ve already got in stock or that their boss told them to sell.

So what you’re suggesting is kind of the anti-selling. You want to create any opportunity for someone to make a decision to buy, but one that will be a positive outcome.

Gitomer: That’s correct. I want to make the experience so memorable that the customer will come back to buy again and refer others to you. That’s the whole key. If I have a lousy experience in the store not only am I not going to come back, I’m going to post it on Facebook. In the old days, they would tell 50 people if you did something wrong; now they tell 50 million people.”

of political correctness when you’re standing  at somebody’s door? You cold call in New York City and “up yours” is a greeting.

These are hard times. What can sales people do to protect their jobs?

Gitomer: The antidote is to be the best sales guy. No one’s going to get rid of you then. There is a challenge among sales people right now that they’re not really willing to do the hard work that it takes to make selling easy. You need to tweet, have a FaceBook business page, have a LinkedIn account, a Youtube channel, a blog and  a website where they’ve registered their own and built a personal brand. You have to have 500 people following you on Twitter, you have to have 500 LinkedIn connections, you have to have about a thousand people on your FaceBook fan page and you have to have a least a dozen YouTube videos up where people give testimonies for you or where you are giving valuable information to the market place.That requires work and that time and you can’t do it during your work day.

Your most recent book is The Little Book of Leadership. Why is it so hard to find great leaders in sales especially?

Gitomer: One of the reasons is that a company will normally take their best sales guy out of the field and make him a leader and not give him any training. Here he is, thrust into a leadership position, with zero training; and all the other people on his team hate him because they think that they should have got the job. So number one: Prepare the leader for the job. Number two: The sales leader needs to lead with his people, not from behind [the] desk. Go out on sales calls where the sales guy thinks it’s impossible to get this deal done and close that sale and everyone will talk about you as a supreme sales leader. You can only do it by doing stuff in front of your people that they can’t do themselves.

Brian Completes Marathon; Raises $7000 for The Hospice of Windsor/Essex County


Technical Sales Representative, Brian Lowe started training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon earlier this year. To read about Brian’s journey, click here.

For Brian’s 5th Marathon, he decided to raise money for The Hospice of Windsor/Essex County. Earlier this month Commonwealth Oil’s own number 574 completed the Marathon in an impressive 4 hours and 47 minutes!

What is even more impressive is that Brian raised over $7000 for The Hospice, through generous donations. His sister-in-law and her coworkers at Sun Media contributed $1100 to the total and his mother-in-law, Sandy DiPasquale and her sisters held a dinner at Place Concord in Windsor, Ontario that contributed $5000 to the total.

Way to go Brian! To congratulate Brian on this great accomplishment, you can e-mail him at

We’d like to also thank all those Distributors, Customers and Friends of Commonwealth Oil that donated.

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