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BioComm was featured in the Lubes’N'Greases Magazine in the ‘Product News’ section this month! To read the magazine, online click here-

Understanding ‘Biodegradable’


 As the need for Biodegradable Lubricants increases, there are many companies which state their products are biodegradable, without really saying what that means. There are two types of biodegradable products, they can either be classified as Inherently Biodegradable or Readily Biodegradable. When selling for an application that requiresbiodegr biodegradability, it is important for both you and your customer to understand the difference.

How do products Biodegrade?

   Biodegradable products possess an attribute that makes them have the ability to biodegrade to their natural state when exposed to sunlight, water and microbial activity. Once a fluid is leaked into the ground, it has the ability to be digested or consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms present in water, air and soil systems. Complete biodegradability is the conversion of a substance to carbon dioxide and water.

   Commonwealth Oil ensures biodegradability by using an outside testing facility.  biocomm-arrowThese tests included Toxicity Studies with Daphnia Magna fish, Element Analysis for Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur. It is important to remember that just because a product is biodegradable, does not mean it is non-toxic. The ‘Aquatic Toxicity’ level will tell you if it is toxic, this information can be provided by the manufacturer. All BioComm products are non-toxic to very low toxicity and are ’Readily Biodegradable’.

What is ‘Readily Biodegradable’?

   Products are considered ’Readily Biodegradable’ when they have the natural ability to biodegrade to their natural state, when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity, by greater than 60% in 28 days. BioComm products biodegrade to their natural state by greater thangraph 80% in 28 days.

What is ’Inherently Biodegradable’?

   When a product is classified as ’Inherently Biodegradable’, it means it will biodegrade to its natural state, when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity by atleast 20% to less than 60% in 28 days.   

   We’re finding many lubricant companies (including major oil companies) are claiming their products are biodegradable by using industry language very loosely. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding these terms, as consumers never understand the differences and this appears to be the goal of many competitors. Companies are able to deceive and mislead with smoke and mirrors by using words like ‘biodegradable’ or ‘environmentally friendly’. When Commonwealth Oil says a product is biodegradable, we mean it in the true sense of the word. Important questions to ask when customers require biodegradable products:
      1. Is there a toxicity specification you have to meet?
      2. Is the ultimate consumer requiring ‘Readily Biodegradable’ or ‘Inherently Biodegradable’?
      3. What is the application?

New Distributor Announcement: Commercial Oil


We would like to welcome Commercial Oil to the Commonwealth Oil distributor list! Commercial Oil is located in Hamilton, Ontario and will begin by distributing Commonwealth Oil’s Exact Specialty and BioComm products.

We had the pleasure of hosting John Yanch, owner of Commercial Oil earlier this week at our headquarters in Harrow. John received a tour of the offices, warehouse, plant and laboratory.

OEM/Lube News Announces BioComm Release


Lubrication Technologies Inc.’s e-newsletter OEM/Lube News published the BioComm release in their October 25, 2010 e-mail publication! You can read the e-newsletter by clicking here. To read the Commonwealth Oil Press Release, click here.

BioComm Announcement Featured in JobbersWorld!


Thomas Glenn’s famous e-newsletter, JobbersWorld, featured Commonwealth Oil’s BioComm Release Announcement in the October 19th, 2010 edition. Visit to read the article and sign up for the Lubricant Distributor’s Voice today!

Choose Windsor/ Publishes BioComm Release


We would like to thank the Windsor/Essex Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC) for pulishing our article about BioComm on their website,, as well as distributing it to their mailing list!

Commonwealth Oil’s partnership with WEEDC has been a great one, and we appreciate the support they are offering to local businesses! For more information on buying local, visit their website (

Press Release: BioComm Launch



Commonwealth Oil Corporation has just announced the release of a new product line of “Readily Biodegradable Synthetic Functional Fluids”. Commonwealth Oil is actively looking for qualified distributors with the appropriate channels of distribution, to serve the global market. BioComm Products are the result of constant Research and Development by the Commonwealth Oil Laboratories.

BioComm Products are part of an ongoing effort to live up to the Commonwealth Oil motto of leaving a mark on the industry and not the environment. This is a continuous environmental mandate, part of which also finds Commonwealth Oil as part of the Green Marine, which encourages organizations to minimize their environmental impact.

These biodegradable synthetic ester functional fluids consist of Concrete Forming Fluids, Heavy Duty Gear and Hydraulic Oils, and Ram Type EDM Fluids. They also expect to announce additional products in the near future for other types of industrial applications.

All BioComm Products meet the criteria for “Readily Biodegradable”, meaning the products biodegrade to their natural state when exposed to sunlight, water and microbial activity, within 28 Days. 

These products are primarily intended for severe extreme temperature applications, such as excessive heat or arctic temperature conditions as low as -58°F, or where sensitive environmental issues must be considered, such as marine, rail and oil platform applications. 

More information on BioComm Products can be found online, at or by calling: 1-800-265-3689.

# # # # #

For more information, contact:

Jackie Macera, Marketing Coordinator

2080 Ferriss Road North

Harrow, Ontario, Canada N0R1G0


Telephone: 1-800-265-3689

Lubricating Trends


I found an interesting article on the Trends in Lubrication, by Jim Fitch, in the online publication of Machinery Lubrication.

After mentioning the ‘punishing competition’ and ‘unforgiving economic conditions’, Jim goes on to list the trends in lubrication which he found to have staying power;

  • they are value-based (reduce costs and/or increase productivity);
  • they are new problem-solvers (overcome previously unresolved problems);
  • they are better problem-solvers (provide measurable improvements over prior methods)

He also lists a few important things to remember when selecting a lubricant:

Correct viscosity: More precise selection of viscosity is getting renewed attention. Viscosity affects a number of important factors, including energy consumption, wear and tolerance to contamination. This relates to not only the ISO viscosity grade, but also to the viscosity index. Getting in the general ballpark on viscosity seems to be no longer acceptable, and for good reason. **Commonwealth Oil offers an array of viscosities in all lubrication products, be sure to choose the right viscosity for your needs.

Not selecting lubricants solely on film strength: Today’s lubricants need a range of performance qualities, so choosing a lubricant that delivers the complete package is the greater priority. This includes (depending on lubricant type) such features as dispersancy, foam suppression, moisture-handling ability, corrosion protection, oxidative stability, viscosity index and, of course, good lubricity. **Not only are Commonwealth Oil lubricants one of the best at dispersing waste, they are one of the lowest foaming lubricants on the market, with unmatched rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Judicious use of premium and synthetic lubricants: The rage to switch to premium and synthetic lubricants as a silver bullet for every problem is winding down. We are now more aware of the true strength of these lubricants and their appropriate application. They can indeed solve a plethora of problems, but not all problems. Precision lubrication means correctly matching these lubricants to the applications to which they are best applied. **Our knowledgeable sales team, distributors, and Research and Development lab will help you choose the right products for your needs, and are always available.

Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly lubricants: In the past 10 years, huge strides have been made in this area, but even then, it seems we’ve barely scratched the surface. Brace yourself as the pace of change in this area greatly picks up steam. **(Check out Commonwealth Oil’s line of BioComm products, they are biodegradable and environmentally safe!)

Dumping economy formulations: Buying lubricants from the lowest bidder is rarely a recipe for achieving machine reliability at the lowest possible cost. It’s time to stop pretending to save money by buying cheap, commodity-grade lubricants to save a quick buck at the expense of tomorrow’s need for reliability. Through greater awareness and education, large user organizations are finally getting the message. **Commonwealth Oil offers competitive pricing, and our Customer Service Team can find you the best freight rate available to help you save money where you can.


Commonwealth Oil also offers Exact Specialty Products, which are Food Grade Registered (NSF and CFIA), including a large range of lubricants. If your job requires accidental food protection, don’t take the chance, discover the Exact Advantage (


The Transition to Green

With the ever increasing pressure to reduce energy usage and become socially and environmentally conscious we want to be a part of the solution!

Since 2000 when Commonwealth Oill built our new plant we had the land surveyed for environmental cleanliness and received a clean assessment. With the construction of the new plant we ensured that there were no drains in the production plant that lead to the outside. Since then we have also applied the usage of energy efficient lighting, schedule theromostats and much more.

Along with the NSF approval of our top selling EDM fluids we will also be creating a list to help end users and distributors findn products that are both safe and environmentallyl friendly. Over time the list will also expand and incorporate new products and reformulated products. We are hoping to increase environmental awareness and be part of the solution for tomorrow!

Here are some quick tips so you can become green too:

  1. use compact fluorescent lightbulbs. This helps save money and energy!
  2. Use your thermostat wisely. Adjust your settings so they only operate when you are home!
  3. Check your water heater. Try keeping your water temperature below 120°F.

Green Marine

By Fred Herdman

Commonwealth Oil recently attained Partner status in an organization known as Green Marine. Green Marine is an alliance of the marine industry in the United States and Canada. Governance is provided by a steering committee of CEOs from shipping companies and port authorities encompassing the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes.

For the first time in North America, all sectors of the marine industry have voluntarily united and adopted an environmental program designed to drive continuous improvement along this major maritime corridor.

We see Green Marine as an excellent avenue to notify the world of our newest family of biodegradable industrial lubricants called BioComm. You will soon have access to a full line of biodegradable eco-toxicity friendly industrial lubricants.

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