The Cutting Edge is an online publication by Commonwealth Oil Corporation. The Cutting Edge originally started out as a bi-monthly email publication for our distributors, but upon further examination we realized that much of the information would be just as valuable to the everyday user, thus began the blog. The goal of The Cutting Edge is to promote topics in the Metalworking, Tube Mill, EDM, Food Grade and Biodegradable Industries and the technologies and developments within them.

The Cutting Edge features articles written by Commonwealth Oil staff who have over 30+ combined years of experience in the industry. Commonwealth Oil is the leading supplier to the Aerospace, Screw Machine, Tube & Pipe and Electric Discharge Machining sectors and is known for their revolutionary product lines. Since 1978 the focus for Commonwealth Oil has always been to find the perfect balance between safety and cost effectiveness while still remaining easy to use. Since then Commonwealth Oil has debuted two new product lines, Exact Specialty and BioComm. Exact Specialty Products are food grade solutions that are registered under the NSF H1, HT1, H2 and CFIA for assurance in the food safety of our products. BioComm, our newest line, is a bold step into the future that offers biodegradable solutions with the environment in mind.

Commonwealth Oil places large value in training and educating both its distributors and end users and performs regular training seminars to ensure that our products are used safely and effectively. We hope this blog may help users of any product (competitor or not) in our respective fields to be more educated and knowledgable and lead them to perform to their full potential.

We hope you enjoy The Cutting Edge and encourage you to contact us at any time if you have questions, concerns or criticism. You can do so at jmacera@commonwealthoil.com.

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