Thank you to all of our distributors who attended our second annual Distributor Training Seminar in Mississauga, Ontario last month.

Commonwealth Oil’s Brian Lowe (Technical Sales Representative) and Kristin Knechtel (Customer Service Representative) were joined by Wallover Oil’s Bill Pearcy (VP of Marketing & Sales) and Dan Heuser (Metalworking Product Manager) on sessions from ‘Why Are My Parts Rusting’ to ‘Product Lines and Product Selection’.

Distributors who attended left with broader knowledge on Commonwealth Oil’s product lines, how Wallover Oil’s services benefit our distributors and how to navigate the Commonwealth Oil website and the various information we offer.

It was great to be able to connect with our distributors, and we look forward to hosting more sessions like this in the future. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see in the future, please contact Kristin Knechtel,