To our valued Friends,

It is with sadness that we inform you that our Lab Manager, Michele Breault passed away on Saturday, January 7, after a 2 year battle with cancer. We wanted to let you know, as many of you have had a direct relationship with her and continued to ask about her throughout the two past years.

Michele started at Commonwealth Oil in 2003, and since then has become a dear friend to myself and the rest of the staff, distributors and suppliers. Michele will always be remembered as a brilliant chemist and the ultimate friend who maintained real integrity in everything she did.

Having traveled and lived throughout the US, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Middle East and Puerto Rico, Michele was truly a remarkable woman. Among her accomplishments was raising her son Braedan as a single-mother and making a home for them in Windsor, Ontario surrounded by her tight knit family.

Michele will always be remembered as a person of contradictions. She was bull headed. She would fight with anyone (even me!) when she thought she was right, yet completely dedicated, always doing what was best for the company, even coming to work after her many chemo appointments. She was blunt, calling a spade a spade, yet incredibly sweet, shedding a tear if you told her a sad story. Even at the end Michele cried when she learned a young child had died in the same hospital room as her. She faced her illness with the same courage and determination as she lived her life. She would not ask for help and had a hard time accepting it when it was given.

We had asked, this past summer, that you help us send Michele & Braedan to Disneyland, and we were completely over-whelmed with the response we received. Braedan will always be able to cherish the memory of his first trip to Disneyland with his mother and none of us will ever be able to forget her face the day before she left. She was glowing! Thank you again for your generosity.

It has not be easy saying goodbye to Michele, she has been a big part of my life for the past eight and a half years; I can truly call her family. To view Michele’s obituary, please click here.

We appreciate your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time and welcome any memories you’d like to share about Michele. Neither you or I will meet many in your lifetime quite like her. I will always remember Michele with a smile or a funny story about her versus sadness. We are so blessed that she was such a big part of our lives.


Sincerest regards,

Fred Herdman