Commonwealth Oil belongs to the Yes!Network, which is a group that hosts motivational speakers every other month. This month, Jodi Duff-Burns (Purchasing), Kristin Knechtel (Customer Service), Brian Lowe (Sales Representative) and I headed to Novi, Michigan to hear two very inspirational speakers.

The first was Mark Sanborn, who seperated his time in two parts. The first explored ‘Perpetual Achievement, How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad or Inbetween’. One of the points that stuck out for me was his concept of ‘Learner’s Leverage’. Mark explained that, most people only read about things that interest them, and those are things they typically already know. He suggests reading everything, this is how you can stay competitive in an always changing world.

The second half of Mark Sanborn’s talk was entitled ‘Team Work Strategies That Work, How to Create Synergy with Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime’. You need to find people who are prepared to work together, for a common goal. There are 6 skills that a necessary to have a successful team:

1. Locate: find the right people
2. Educate: make sure they have the necessary tools
3. Cooperate: encourage them to work together
4. Communicate: facilitate effective and clear communication
5. Motivate: help motivate the team
6. Celebrate: It’s important to celebrate the teams successes

The second speaker, Shep Hyken’s presentation was entitled ‘Moments of Magic: Seven Strategies to Create an Awesome Customer Experience’ The premise was to make sure you use negative customer experiences into moments of magic. To do this, there’s 10 strategies you can do to create an awesome customer experience:

1. Manage the First Impression: Using a warm smile, carrying yourself confidently and greeting someone with care can help create positive first impressions.

2. Be Knowledgeable: Being knowledgeable in what you’re talking about is a great way to emit confidence. If you’re confident in what you’re saying, people will want to to do business with you because they trust you.

3. Build Rapport: People love to talk about themselves and their kids. By asking questions about their family, and remembering the answers from visit to visit, you begin building rapport.

4. Show Enthusiasm: Be excited about what you do.

5. Communicate Fully. Ask the extra question. If someone says ‘we need this done quickly’, ask them what ‘quickly’ means to them.

6. Transform Moments of Misery: You are being judged the most during Moments of Misery, in other words, how you recover when a mistake has been made. By fixing what needs to be fixed with the right attitude and with urgency, you can transform the Moment of Misery into a positive customer experience.

7. Deliver Quality: Make sure your products do what you say they are going to do.

8. Under Promise, Over Deliver: If you tell someone the product will arrive at their doorsep in 15 days, and it arrives in 10, they will be happy. If it were the other way around, you’d be getting a phone call on the 10th day from an upset customer. By setting the expectation and then exceeding it, you will make a happy customer.

9. Maintain Consistency: Even your worst day has to be your best effort.

10. Show Appreciation: Customers have an abundance of people they could buy from, but they chose you. Be sure to say thank you over, and over again.