1. …when you say it costs too much, what do you mean?”
  2. …What has been your past experience with solutions like ours?”
  3. …how do you know that it costs too much?”
  4. …what do you know about us or our industry?”
  5. …what has been your past experience with companies like ours?”
  6. …what are some of your priorities around _________?”
  7. …what if our solutions weren’t really expensive at all?”
  8. …what if it turned out that we didn’t really cost as much as you thought?”
  9. …what if really could solve the problem of __________?”
  10. …what if we really could generate a measurable business value?”
  11. …what if we could help you create a competitive advantage?”
  12. …what if we could show you how our solution would actually save money?”
  13. …how do you plan you handle this problem or opportunity without our offering?”

What do you say when someone says ‘it costs too much’? Offer your suggestions in the comment section!

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