Our Seminar & Trade Show on May 19th was a success! We had distributors from all over the Greater Toronto Area and even our wonderful distributor in Québec join us. We would like to thank all those who attended from SB Simpson, DeeTag, Majac Tooling Supply, Monarch Oil, WFS Ltd., Les Spécialités L.E.N., Levac Supply, Caliber Industrial and Electrodes of Canada.

Left to Right: Ken Charlton (Electrodes of Canada), Peter Omran (WFS Ltd.), Fred Herdman (Commonwealth Oil), Rick & Roza Balon (Electrodes of Canada).

Me with the Levac Supply Crew- Left to Right: Eric Ripley, Brian VanOrder, Brian Hulton and John Knapp.

Jeff Schmid from Zebra Skimmers was also on-site, displaying some coolant maintenance supplies. To contact Jeff, call 248-890-5625.

Fred giving a presentation on EDM Fluids. Contact us to receive any powerpoints from that day.

Left to Right: Brian Lowe (Lab Technician, Commonwealth Oil) & Dan McBride and Vickie Stevenson from SB Simpson.

Left to Right: Dave Foster (Commonwealth Oil), Tom Bendo from SB Simpson, Éric Bouchard & Richard Massé from Les Spécialités L.E.N., and Kevin Medeiros from SB Simpson.

Thank you to Richard Hunt and Dave Croft from Majac Tooling for attending.

Here is Brian Lowe speaking with Jerzy Spiewak from SB Simpson.

Thank you again to all who attended. We hope you will take the knowledge you learned and use it in the field. We also hope you will remember to call Dave WHENEVER you have any questions.